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What does it mean to be present?

I have to laugh at myself. This morning I took my dog for a walk with the intention of formulating a presence blog. Instead I spent the whole time thinking about what could have or should have been in the past. Then I started thinking about the next 6 months and worrying what that’s going to look like.

This is the perfect example of not being present.

Often in early conversations with clients, they will ask:

“What does it mean to be present and why is everyone talking about it?”

Mindfulness is another term used when referring to being in our head or not present.

It’s a simple test to see if we are being present or not. When we are thinking about the past or projecting into the future, we are not being present with the moment we are in.

Does this mean we don’t plan ahead or learn from the past? Of course not. It’s more about not “passing through” each moment.

I know that when I am thinking of the next move or the next thing I have to do, I am not in the moment. I am passing through that moment to the next one. The same holds true for the past, if I am thinking of something that already happened in the past, I am not in this present moment experience. Fully aware of what is happening now. I am someplace else.

To be present, we want to open all the senses and just pay attention on all levels. Simply observe. Not judging, but just being and experiencing the moment. Be the “observer” including observing yourself. Use your senses to feel the moment: see from a broader perspective, smell the atmosphere, listen to all the nuances and background sounds, feel your body, and taste fully whether its something you are eating or the energy around you.

What’s the point of presence exercises?

A huge benefit is when we are present, being in the moment shuts down the mind stories. It reduces the anxiety and drama we create with worry and regret. Simply put, it relaxes the mind and allows us to enjoy what is.

And that’s another huge benefit. Being present with the moment allows for more enjoyment in our daily lives leading to a happier, stress free you!

A tool that helps me is to deep breathe. Just one or two breaths can ground and center me. Deep breathing awakens all the senses, which helps to be more present and aware.

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