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20 Signs of Spiritual Awakening to Guide Your Ascension

Signs of spiritual awakening are the Soul’s way of guiding you through an amazing chapter in your life.

What exactly are these signs?

Well, there are many of them, and they happen over a period of time. So, in this post, we’ll—

  • Discuss the signs commonly experienced throughout a spiritual awakening.

  • Talk about why these signs are happening and what to expect as you follow your spiritual path.

  • Explain why signs of spiritual awakening aren’t the same for everyone.

  • Include suggestions on how best to embrace this special time in your life.

The blessings of your spiritual awakening will become deeper with understanding, so let’s begin.

The Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is your Soul’s desire to ascend, to become the person you’re called to be.

But a spiritual awakening is uniquely different for each of us, so these signs aren’t all experienced by everyone.

And because a spiritual awakening really is a journey, we’ve separated these signs into stages they’re typically experienced at—The Onset, along The Path, and as your soul moves towards its spiritual Ascension.

The Onset

Isolation and Alienation

Craving solitude, feeling that the world around you is out of touch with what matters, conversations with people that seem shallow and inconsequential—these are common signs at the onset of a spiritual awakening.

You’re beginning to see life through a different prism, you’re becoming conscious to your Soul’s priorities instead of what matters to the worldly Ego.

Disillusionment With Your Present Life

As though a veil was lifted, you’re starting to see through the illusions of materialism. The promises of prosperity and happiness—beliefs you once accepted without thinking-- now belong to others.

You feel detached--your job, school, and other pursuits-- leave you feeling empty.

Something’s Missing

Questions like— “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” -- hammer you repeatedly. Your life is a wilderness, you feel lost and without a sense of direction.

Feeling Trapped, Unworthy

You know the life you’re living isn’t really you, and yet…

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, and you’re terrified of turning your back on it.

You feel trapped-- unworthy of staying where you are, unworthy of moving towards the person you’re called to be.

You feel anxious, maybe even depressed.

Synchronicity, Déjà Vu

Synchronicity (repeated appearances of number patterns), coincidences and Déjà vu occur without warning in your waking hours, making the changes in your life all the more confusing.

Vivid Dreams, Disrupted Sleep and Other Physical Signs

Lucid dreams and disrupted sleep patterns are often the heralds of a spiritual awakening. You may experience unexplained bodily sensations like numbness and blurred vision, or your senses may feel unnaturally heightened. You’re discovering sudden intolerances to foods, cravings you can’t explain. There are stark fluctuations in your weight and energy levels, and even your sex drive seems affected.

These signs might seem disturbing, but try to remember that a spiritual awakening is, in ways, a dissolving of illusions. Hence, that sense of emptiness, and a need to fill the void with something new and meaningful.

It’s okay.

It means things inside you are changing. And examining your life this way means you’re becoming conscious to what matters.

And living consciously is the first step to you becoming aligned with your true self.

The Onset of a spiritual awakening may feel like being lost in the woods, but in time you’ll find yourself on a path that leads to restoration and growth.

Here’s a few signs of what’s to come as you continue your path—

Slowing Down and Tuning In

You’re becoming conscious, exploring things through mindfulness, meditation, and prayer. You’re reflecting on where you’ve been and where you’re headed, and you’re doing this without judgment, without fear.

And where once you tuned out to avoid yourself, compulsive and addictive habits have lost their appeal, and their grip.

Embrace of Spirituality, Pursuit of Meaning

Spirituality has taken on a deeper meaning, a source of wonder to grasp and hold close.

The questions—"Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” -- are still there, still a mystery, but now it brings the promise of a joy to be discovered.

Heightened Intuition and Synchronicity

Your intuition is becoming a trusted sense to you now, and you’re curious what it’s going to show you.

Synchronicity--angel numbers, déjà vu and other coincidences—is everywhere.

Life is becoming receptive to you, and interactive with you.

Teachers Appear, You Begin Your Inner Work

As you willingly embrace the changes in your life, spiritual guides and teachers begin to appear.

At some point, often at their encouragement, you begin doing your inner work. Tearing down your old reality to make space for a new one is hard, but you can feel yourself coming to life.

Emotionality is High as Defenses Come Down

You’re so emotional these days, but it only means you’re getting in touch with your Higher Self. Long-hidden shadows, childhood woundings, they’re coming to the surface and you’re pursuing them, accepting them, and moving on from them.

Empathy and Forgiveness

A newfound sense of empathy is replacing the indifference that once separated you from others. You feel the sadness of others’ sufferings, you feel joy in their happiness.

You’re finding a space in your heart to forgive those who’ve hurt you. You’re finding compassion to forgive yourself.

Claiming Your Values and Relationships

You’re sensitive to the energy of others, but you know that everyone has their own path, and you’re developing a set of values that gives you space to grow. Relationships are beginning to shift, as they must, and that’s okay.

At Home in Nature

When all of this began, nature was your refuge in a world you felt alienated from. Now, with senses heightened, it’s where you go to be closer to Spirit.

In nature, you gather strength, you feel guidance, you find wisdom.

Simplifying, Deciding What No Longer Fits

Along with relationships, there are changes happening in your lifestyle that reflect your changes of values— the urge to declutter, simplify and spend differently.

A Sense of Global Connectedness

The world and you are less separated. Near or far, their concerns are yours and you find an empowered commonality with races and ethnicities you once thought outside your sphere. You feel a desire to step out of your own life, and “change the world”.

This is a wondrous phase in your journey, but the changes may at times leave you feeling nervous and vulnerable.

That’s okay. It means the Ego is fading as your Higher Self becomes stronger.

This is a pivotal point in your transformation, so challenge yourself to go deeper. You’ll experience a growing connection with life, and a growing ability to love yourself.


As your Higher Self continues to ascend, ‘radical’ changes give way to a steadier evolving of both person and spirit.

Worldly attachments that once defined us have been let go, replaced with the peace of living consciously in the present.

Other things to expect as you continue your ascension?

An Enduring Sense of Calm

Life is never easy, but serenity and balance amidst it will become more commonplace. You will find the resource to decide the pace of your life as work, achievement, money, and unhealthy relationships lose their hold over you.

You Rudder Your Own Values

Your intuition guides you to truth.

You’re aware of where people live in the extreme--politics, religion, gender etc.—but you’re comfortable with who you are, what you believe, and you no longer choose one perspective as greater than the other.

Living Authentically, Growing In Consciousness

You alone are the creator of your world. You place all authority over your life upon yourself, and you’re radically honest about its outcomes. You’re mindful, you’ve shed the unconsciousness of the Ego-driven life.

You’re living the authentic life. You’re flourishing and finding peace within yourself and the world outside you.

Separation Becomes Oneness

Ego is to Separation from others as Self is to Oneness with the Universe. Knowing this, you no longer ‘need’ to be identified by race, gender or nationality.

As Spirit simply “Is”, you simply “Are”. You’re okay, life is okay, you experience unconditional love.

From Onset to Ascension, Thriving in Your Spiritual Awakening

Whatever signs of spiritual awakening you may be experiencing, wherever you are on your spiritual path, it’s important to take care of yourself with self-compassion and patience.


Live Consciously

Each day has its purpose, so be alert to what comes your way. People will cross your path, you’ll stumble upon books and blog posts like this, so…


Ask yourself why it’s there and what it’s trying to teach you. Spirit has you on their radar, and it’s sending you help.

Trust Your Path

Every sunrise marks another step in your journey. Trust the path you’re on, and if it takes you to a place you didn’t expect…

It’s okay.

You’re learning, and every fork in the road is a new opportunity for discovery.

Make Time and Space for Healing

Make yourself vulnerable and embrace your inner work. Few things will move you on your path more quickly.

Loving and compassionate teachers, guides and friends will be there with you, ready to hold your space and help.

Be Willing to Re-Organize Your Life

Be open to the changes you feel called upon. It’s all part of realigning body, mind, and soul with your purpose.

Letting go of things is a big part of that.

Cherished possessions, Egoic identities like career and success, relationships you’ve outgrown.

Let them go. And let it be.

Ground Yourself to the Earth

You need space and time, alone with yourself. And nature is as close to Spirit as things come.

Be sure you get there. It’ll make a big difference.


Know That Spirit Has Your Back

Your spiritual awakening was not an accident.

Spirit called you to move on from the life you were living, to awaken and ascend with your Soul. And the same Spirit that called you, is waiting to guide you.

Embrace the changes, accept yourself with love and compassion, and blessings upon you.


If you or someone you know needs or wants support with transformation in your life, Christine can help. Click the button to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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Christine Ryan, Sedona, AZ

ICP Certified Life Coach.

Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

Conscious Connective Breathwork Practitioner

Exploring Your Passions and Soul Purpose

We are all on a unique path. I've spent over forty years of my life helping others find their way. My Life Coaching is custom tailored and based on the fundamental truth and my years of life experiences. We will work together, as a team, to create the life you want and deserve. Join me on this magical journey of development and transformation.

In my practice, ​I use emotional clearing and healing practices, counseling, action plans and tools to help you transformation from pain and lack to the life joy, harmony and the fulfillment you are seeking.

Blessings on your journey.

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